VA Imaging

A $3.8million reconfiguration of an 11,680sf Radiology / Imaging Department. The project aims to accelerate cultural transformation of Imaging Services at the East Orange Campus using evidence-based design strategies (EBD). The focus of the project includes the design of a Patient Learning Lounge, Patient Navigation and Circulation System, Ambient Environments (PET/CT, MRI), Interventional Radiology Clinic, and enhanced flow and efficiency through intelligent planning. The proposed design action plan to create a patient-centered Imaging Service began with a collaborative and integrated approach that included staff from Patient-Centered Care, Imaging, Facilities Management, Medical Service/Simulation, design team, and users. Actions proposed for renovation of the imaging environment took into account sustainable design practices such as energy efficiency (light fixtures & Energy Star equipment), water conservation (low-flow plumbing fixtures), improve indoor environmental quality (day-lighting & low-emitting materials), and reduce the environmental impact of materials (recycled content & bio-based content). Phasing of construction was critical in the design process. The design team in collaboration with all stakeholders devised the phasing plan.

Project Type: Government

Services Provided: Architecture
Interior Design
Space Plan
Furniture Selection

Project Size: 11,680sf