City Works

Located at the intersections of North Clinton and North Olden, the community came together to reclaim two existing structures along with a corner lot that had been vacant and neglected for years.

Along Clinton Avenue the architecture is composed of existing masonry facades updated with metal and glass features that are meant to evoke Trenton’s rich industrial past. The Olden Avenue side elevation is a three story arrangement of metal columns stacked between and bookended by red brick – the new emerging from the old. This facade composition acts as a backdrop to the corner open space.

The open space located at the corner of the site is delineated by a stucco and masonry wall inset with artwork and metal shade devices hung by steel rods. Large stone blocks are provided as sitting areas. A simple grid of trees, highlighted by brick pavers in two colors, and local artist’s sculpture fill the space.

Project Type: Redevelopment

Services Provided: Architectural Design
Landscape Design

Project Size: